Keep Your Fleet Distract-Free with DistractFree App

downloadable from App store and Google play

Industry Leadership

We’re at the forefront, leveraging CarPlay and Android Auto technologies to ensure fleet/commercial driver safety.

How It Works:

  • Utilizes DistractFree designated beacon to identify the company vehicle.
  • Download Distractfree App, available on both App Store and Google Play.
  • Drivers must:
    1. Install the application.
    2. Connect to the vehicle’s CarPlay or Android Auto when driving.
    3. Place the mobile phone down
  • When on the move, our app notifies the manager and/or driver if not connected to CarPlay or Android Auto.

Reporting & Monitoring:

    • DF App: Monitors and reports if:
      1. Driver’s iPhone is NOT connected to Apple CarPlay.
      2. Driver’s Android phone is NOT connected  to Android Auto.
      3. Driver’s  mobile phone is accessed during driving.
      4. Driver accesses a blacklisted App while driving.
    • All such activities are logged into the DF server.
    • DF Server: Assesses data to identify any unsafe driver behavior related to mobile phone use. Alerts fleet manager upon detection.

Technology’s Role in Reducing Distractions

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment: Pivotal in the modern driving ecosystem.
  • Ubiquity: As of 2023, CarPlay and Android Auto are integrated into 90% of vehicles.


      • Provides a simplified, voice-controlled interface.
      • Minimizes smartphone physical interactions.
      • Decreases distractions, enhancing road safety.
      • Offers seamless integration with top navigation apps (Google Maps, Waze).
      • Facilitates real-time directions, traffic updates, and voice-guided instructions.

    Opt for Distractfree. Elevate safety. Drive the future


    We are the leader in safe-driving solutions for Commercial vehicles and their drivers.
    We are operating under company name of Konnected Universe

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